Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catching up: I live in Denver now!

I have been meaning to post for so long, and working (in occasional feverish, well-intentioned yet doomed bursts) on the next entry, that I was very surprised recently to look at my blog and realize that the last time I posted was almost 6 months ago.

The short version of the story is that I moved to Denver.  The medium version of the story is that I decided to try out Denver for the summer, and liked it so well that I am still here, and have moved at least enough of my warm clothes here to make it through the winter.  I guess the long version is something we'll have to hash out in person.  Want to meet for drinks?  I know the perfect place.


My previous attempts to sum up my Denver experience so far have been way too wordy.  I think what I'll try to do instead is mention a few things I'm enjoying so far and illustrate it with some of the pictures I've been taking.

I love being near the mountains again.

Rte70 LakeStandley Lake2 HillStream MountainsLake Path

The weather is spectacular...

Sunset1 BoulderGlower DowntownStorm

...and the seasonal changes are very exciting.

CherryCreek RedTree Colors2 YellowAndBare Colors1 CherryCreekFence

Denver has lots of cool little unique sub-communities.  More info here.

 MuseumEtc  PaintedBricks

Public transportation is always nice... so is public art.

LightrailStop1 LightRailBird

The arts are indeed alive and well here.

Cool digital installation at the Denver Art Museum
ArtMuseum AshPixels

 Playing at the Museum of Nature and Science ... singing Brahms Requiem at
                                                                        St. John's Episcopal
 MusNatSci StJohnsDenver

Singing with St. Martin's Chamber Choir at the Botanic Gardens

Returning from a recent trip to California, the pilot announced the weather over the intercom:  "It's 75 and sunny in Denver.  Welcome to Paradise!"  I laughed to myself.  He doesn't realize we've just escaped Paradise!  Or maybe the joke's on me... 


  1. So pleased to see you back online. Well, I guess you were always on FB, but I never am. So glad you are still singing! Wow, you've almost sold ME on Denver, and I happen to know that it snows there. . . lots.

  2. I love Denver too. Who knows, I might settle out there one day myself. =)